Network Zone is a registered internet service provider company in Afghanistan. It provides a secure, robust and reliable internet service to its customers across Afghanistan. Our network is widely spread across all the country and we provide our services in every corner of Afghanistan on different communication mediums. We offer a complete solution on a very competitive prices to our customers which starts from a basic home network to an advanced enterprise network. We make sure every customer enjoys a best in class internet service which is the modern day needs. We are always keen to serve our best so that the customer and company relationship bound is kept tight. Our offer also include a complete range of connectivity and system integration solutions/services such as dedicated bandwidth, VSAT, Microwave and VoIP.

With having professional engineers and skilled technicians, the company is compelled to resolve network issues rapidly. In case of an issue Network Zone subscribers can always contact our 24/7 NOC helpdesk or on our site support at: https://www.support.networkzone.af

Way forward Network Zone Solution Provider offers individuals and businesses with solutions for greater flexibility, efficiency, and connectivity, and this further enhance our partnership with customers, which allows consumers access to a richer and more cost effective internet experience. Looking at Network Zone Solution Providers past work, it has been proven that the company has fully delivered best quality Internet for its clients across Afghanistan.

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