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Network Zone aims to provide state of the art Fiber-to-the-home broadband connections, or FTTH internet connections for its home users. These optics-based efficient systems will deliver a multitude of digital information -- telephone, video, data, et cetera -- more efficiently than traditional copper coaxial cable at a faster rate and at the same price which means you get more value at the same rates as before. If you want a seamless internet experience, Network Zone FTTH is the best service for you.

Our fibre optic solutions for homes and business

Whether you are a home user, operate a small scale business or run an organization established and spread on a large scale, Network Zone has the perfect fiber optic solution for you that I optimized to suit your needs.

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We offer FTTP (Fiber To The Premise), FFTH (Fiber To The Home), FTTB (Fiber To The Business) and FTTD (Fiber To The Desktop) that are the offered with direct fiber lines. Without the involvement of any copper cables, these services provide you with seamless internet experience.

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Fiber To The Building ensures the fiber line is properly spread to the entire building so the entire building enjoys a smooth internet experience. It is a viable option for buildings, apartments, schools and other academic institutions, hotels, malls and plazas.

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Fiber to the curb, neighborhood and street are extremely common and widespread fiber connections. Fiber is provided to a curb at about 1000 feet from the furthest premise that is then spread to other areas through copper cables. it is the most efficient and economical fiber optic internet connection for all types of ISPs as it doesn’t require them to spend on maintaining infrastructure for every premise individually.

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