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Fast Paced Internet Connects Remote Areas to the Entire World

Microwave internet service provides ultra-fast internet connection that links you to even the remotest and hard to reach areas easily and quickly. It faster, convenient and more seamless than other ISP mediums available. Network Zone offers the most powerful microwave internet service so your business never goes offline. With us, you would never have to experience connectivity and signal issues ever again!

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Unlimited Internet Access Only a Click Away

Select from our seamless internet connections to enjoy unlimited internet and fast speed internet to stay connected with the world at all times.


High Speed Wireless Internet to Expand Your Business Reach

Choose a wireless internet package that best suits your business’s needs so you take it to places, far and wide.

Here is why microwave internet is best for your business


Complete Access to Rural Areas

With many businesses existing in the outskirts of the country, it is important to have an internet solution that ensures their online connectivity. Network Zone Microwave Internet is the perfect remedy to the problem providing fast paced internet service to even the hardest to reach areas.


Low Latency

Latency measures the time taken for data to move along an internet connection. High latency leads to slow downloading and uploading and makes it difficult for you to receive or transmit huge volumes of data. This problem ends with Network Zone Microwave Internet as it offers exceedingly low latency that benefits financial trading, online gaming and VOIP-systems.


Hassle Free Installation

Installation issues come with cabled internet connections that are intrusive and require some building work often. This only adds to your expenses and stress. Free yourself from this trouble by getting super-fast Network Zone Microwave Internet that is quick and simple to install and won’t require any cable work.


Speedy Installation Service

Since Network Zone Microwave Internet comes with no wiring, the installation speed increases even more. In less than 24 hours, we can have your microwave internet connection up and running so your work doesn’t suffer one bit.


Enjoy the Internet Capacity Solely

Often, residential and business properties are connected to the nearest exchange through cable which means you share your bandwidth with others which only lowers the speed and bandwidth. Network Zone Microwave Internet solves this problem by providing you with sole access to your internet connection so you enjoy seamless and fast internet all by yourself.


Large Usage Caps

Satellite internet doesn’t often reach rural areas, has maximum monthly usage limits and poor signals. On the contrary, microwave internet particularly Network Zone Microwave Internet offers huge usage caps, infinite data transfer and excellent signals so you enjoy the best service in the best price.

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At Network Zone, we aim to serve you with best and absolute communication solutions. Pair our internet services with our state-of-the-art ICT services so you get excellent networking and data connectivity, keep your connection and services secure, have a top-notch call center set up and maintained and an efficient data center that facilitates your business towards growth.

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