Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading Internet and IT services company, offering innovative products and solutions to home, enterprise and other customers in all over Afghanistan. We hope to maintain our high level of quality services so that we can be the best and preferred Internet service provider on both quality and price. Here at Network Zone, we have a quality of service policy which is about achieving sustained services that consistently satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers.
We believe that with extending the internet coverage in Afghanistan and reducing its tariff costs will put a good impact on Afghanistan economy and it will create new oppurtinities for Afghans. Network Zone is commited to this cause and shall play it role in an Internet enabled Afghanistan.

Our Mission

We want to surpass the needs and expectations of all our customers by providing reliable services with readily available customer support. This also means that we want to provide complete, high-quality Internet solutions to all of our customers by incorporating sensible and cost-effective technologies.

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