VSAT Internet

Network Zone has always been passionate about helping people and businesses with our sophisticated, carefully designed VSAT solutions to match your requirements and help you set up your communications network anywhere across Afghanistan. As a leading VSAT provider in the region, we right fit the best VSAT solutions based on your requirements to keep you connected across the counry.
Network Zone is also an official reseller of Belgium based Global TT VSAT bandwidth provider.

Our VSAT Solution

  • Secure dedicated link connections with high quality data transmission.
  • Complete Ka, Ku-Band and C-Band coverage across Afghanistan.
  • Data rate scaling, via a flexible system, between 64 Kbps to 100Mbps per link to fulfill various service requirements.
  • Fully managed networks by our professional network engineers.
  • Global Ku-Band and C-Band connectivity even to the deepest, remote locations.
  • Remote live monitoring and onsite maintenance.
  • Continuous 24×7 monitoring and phone helpdesk.
  • Full equipment stock and spares availabe anytime.

Ka Band

The Demand for Ka band is fast growing in Afghanistan because of its ability to power critical communication applications including trunking, VOIP, cellular backhaul services, high speed broadband internet access, enterprise networks and government communications.

For Ka band we mostly obtain bandwidth from Yah-Sat and Nynex and then the solution is provided by our engineers.

Global TT Equipment AY-3 Ka-Band

Ku and C Bands

For Ku and C bands we obtain service from Global TT as we are also an official resesller of Global TT in Afghanistan. it is a Belgian company operating in Afghanistan, Middle East and Africa.Global TT Ku band Astra 3B European satellite covers most of Afghanistan geographical area.
They provide a VSAT link from 256Kbps to 10Mbps on a very competitive price range. The service and support from Global TT which is experienced by our customers are outstanding. The devices of Ku band are very simple and reliable, the full kit include 1-meter parabolic antenna, Newtec modem, Transmitter

Global TT Ka Band IFast equipment
Global TT C Band equipment

Site Survey and Installation

For a VSAT connection a site survey is done by one of our engineer for the requested location. Essentially, the site survey should be comprehensive enough to ensure the VSAT is delivered with all items necessary for a rapid and complete installation. Since VSAT’s by nature are often installed in in-accessible locations, We make sure that all the requirement are full-filled prior to the device installation.
Our engineer has a checklist in hand which obserb for few things such as:
located site have a clear unobstructed view to the Satellite, support for the antenna, power and etc

Once the survey is successful completed, the engineer come for installation along with all required equipment and cables. After installation is done, we check the connection bandwidth for any possible issue. If no issue is reported, link access is given to the customer.

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